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I liked the over all theme of this flash. My Little Hoagie is contagious like the real world counterpart of My Little Pony. This flash about summarizes what happens to an individual if they have witnessed an episode. I didn't really like the art style though. I'm not sure why, it just bugs me. Effects were pretty decent and everything flowed together. There's not much to criticize you on this (if any). I personally like the show, but I felt a little left out, lol. I mean, I'm a pegasister, and how would that term work in that alternate universe. lol! xD Still, I noticed you stopped posting as much as you used too. Please don't leave new grounds just yet! It may be boring and annoying, but it's your fans that want you here. Please don't let us down! Make more flashes! ^_^

Meh. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the others. It's more of the same. To me, it is nothing too new or interesting. Consistent corridor design is getting a little old, and your flash is extremely short. Not much content on this either. More than half of it was watching what the antagonists do in their free time. Patrol and smoke. Yippee. Uh, Last part was supposed to be a cliff hanger. It does draw my attention and I was wondering in my head, "That clown took the package. What could be in it?". I wasn't dying do find out what was in there, because this flash is incredibly vauge. Then again these "Incidents" are not cannon, so I shouldn't really be all that glum. Its more of the same. If you like that kind of stuff, I wont get in your way, but a change of venue would be nice from time to time. You can keep your infamous reds and grays, but buildings and deserts are way too overused in your flashes. As for the music, it didn't seem to fit with what was happening. It tries to beat you into anticipation of some action, but nothing really happens. Then near the end, the music just stops. Why? Why, oh Why did you make it stop? The one part that had action, and there's no music to back it up. We don't know if its a good situation or not. Odd use of the situational irony at the end. Also, why does the clown not have his mask on? I wonder. Unless its because an event that happened during the actual story, this does present many questions. Then again, this isn't canon, and it doesn't entirely have to make sense. Over all, I didn't really "love" this flash. Maybe you could mix things up a bit, Hmm? I like your series, but this was not your best try, Krinkels. C'mon. Make something that'll really knock our socks off! It is your special "Madness Day" after all. I hope to watch some more Madness later on in the future. Please, oh please add more locations and detail to your characters. It's like happy tree friends. Cute people murdering each other.

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I'm really diggin' the art style. Very chibi like. If you make more submissions with this style, I would be very interested in an already interesting Flash. The music is catchy and it isn't bad. But some parts are a little odd. Like, the swords man at one part. He slices this ghost enemy, however the sound for it is delayed for a second. It's a minor issue, but it was noticeable. Another thing is that one part with the. . . News reporter? I don't know the name of that girl, but when the blue Elf guy yells out, she grinned. I liked that part, but when the elf guy yelled twice, She grinned, then she reverted back to her original pose, then grinned again in a rather erratic fashion, like a static. It doesn't seem to flow. I don't have an issue with it that much. One more thing. This is the most needed feature you need. Which you didn't have in this flash, which I was dismayed. A replay button. At the end. The screen just goes black, leaving you to wonder if anything is to come up in the abyss of darkness at the end of this unique flash. All of the things I pointed out were minor issues. Now, I think you should post this song in the Audio section of Newgrounds. I just love it. Hope to see more of this. ^_^

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This is a great game! I love the buildup of the story and everything, its just some of the mini games are really annoying. I usually solve it by simple trial and error. But it is so worth it! I'd like to see more of your work in the future!

Heh :D

Ehh, colors are a little drab, and the music is still ringing in my ears but it was fun. That was fun. Everthing was simple but it pushes most players. I like it. Alot. More variety in the colors, music, and maybe a little customization to the bike and maybe it will be front paged. But I didnt have a problem with this, I quickly knew the concept. you lil clever guy you :)

tudway responds:

Cheers! I think the colour scheme is nice and soothing to the eye.


Simple concept. Sorta like bejeweled, but its very simple but almost impossible to truly master. But I have played another version of this idea many times. I didnt have a problem with it, it just gets reppetitive. The music is forgettable and there isnt much variety, I wouldnt ussualy play it everyday but it did bring entertainment. You should try another idea. But I did smile with the smilies of course.

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I see this was prob a quick sketch made maybe i 10 min. this isnt bad at all for a quick sketch, but a lil more color and this wouldve been stylish. Im not sure what kind of gun Hanks a holdin but over all, room for improv.

mikeymosh responds:

well its a doodle but thanks for commenting :D

WOW :]

I watched Avatar in 3-D and loved it. this is a GREAT piece of art that deserves a pat on the back. Just put some more vivid colors and tantalization into it and she'll look as hot as ever!


Your a Great Artist man! She's Cute!!!

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